Burris Fullfiels 6,5-20x50 balistic plex

Burris Fullfield 6,5-20x50 balistic plex


Ottica da tiro con reticolo balistico fine , tubo da 1"

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The 6.5-20x is the highest magnification in the Fullfield E1 family, and allows incredible precision for some serious accuracy and long range shooting.

The Ballistic Plex E1 MV reticle is custom designed for this scope. MV stands for Milling Varmint. The holdovers are designed specifically for .22-250 rounds, and are mil-based. It means this is a great choice for coyote hunters, prairie dogs and similar varmint hunting. 

This Fullfield E1 model has side adjusting parallax and focuses down to as close as 50 yards, making this one a great option for precision .22 LR shooters.

This series of riflescope is rugged enough to handle a lifetime of field use, heavy recoil, and harsh vibration such as bouncing around in your side by side or back of your hunting rig. It is protected by the Burris Forever Warranty™.

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Hurry! only 2 items left in stock.

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