• .Garmin Xero c1
    il cronografo radar rivoluzionario
    Xero C1
    negozio ufficiale Garmin®
    Garanzia ufficiale della casa
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  • reloading primers
    le scorte stanno finendo
    ultimi lotti
    non aspettate !
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  • Presse per la ricarica
    attrezzature per la
    presse , dies e accessori
    delle migliori marche
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  • collari gps per la caccia
    il tracking per la caccia
    negozio ufficiale Garmin®
    Palmari e collari
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  • ottiche e punti rossi
    I red dot piu' venduti nel 2024
    Kite K1
    sempre disponibili
    Negozio ufficiale Kite Optics
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Shop online Bolognesi.net 

Shop online dell'Armeria Luxor Bolognesi since 1994

For several years we have been dealing with mail order sales, as well as the import and distribution of various hunting and shooting accessories. In our virtual shop you will find Lee, Lyman, Hornady, Rcbs and Dillon reloading equipment, Lapua, Nosler, Barnes, Rws, Sierra, Prvi Partizan, Sellier & bullet reloading components. Bellot, CCI, Fiocchi, Remington, Winchester and many other brands at advantageous prices that you can receive comfortably at home thanks to our fast deliveries..

Unlike many of our competitors, product availability is real.

pagamenti sicuri

We rely on the most secure online payment providers, our parcels are delivered in Italy by SDA and DHL, while abroad by the DHL route service

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There are over 12,000 registered customers who rely on our shop to purchase in complete convenience and receive accessories related to the world of shooting in all its specialties. In addition to the convenience of receiving the products at home, the savings on many directly imported products are decidedly more convenient than purchasing from a physical store.

Our business is constantly evolving, we will soon open a new warehouse solely dedicated to the online shop in order to manage the quantities actually available in a unique way, we will also add a whole series of special accessories that will be made to order highlight delivery times well thanks to our regular suppliers.