Lee Load All II cal.12

Lee Load All II cal.12

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LEE LOAD-ALL II shotgun shells not only look better than those loaded on machines costing hundreds of dollars, but they usually have more uniform velocity and patterns. You can load just as fast as with any other brand of loader costing up to $200.

Twenty-four shot and powder bushings are included free. The bushings alone can cost several dollars each from other manufacturers - and they're not as accurate as those made by Lee. Only Lee supplies molded bushings.

This is a time proven tool. There are hundreds of thousands in use world-wide. In over fourty years, we have yet to see one worn out. 

Shown with accessory primer feed, not included.




  • Built-in primer catcher with an easy-to-empty door right up front
  • Recesses at every station for speedy shell positioning
  • Easy and economical gauge conversion
  • Optional primer feeder so you never need to touch the primer from the box to the shell
  • Adjustable from the standard 2 3/4 shell, up to 3 inch shell

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