Lee Pro Auto-Disk

Lee Pro Auto-Disk

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Technical Information:

Material: Plastic and Metal
Metering Chamber: 24 Cavities measuring different volumes of powder
Features: Elastomer Wiper and Teflon Coated metal casing
Attachment: Lee powder-through expanding dies or Rifle powder charging die (Sold separately)
Includes: Four disks with 6 cavities per disk to measure powder
Powder Charge Thrown: Between 2.7-14.4 Grains of Unique and 4.0-21.1 grains of IMR 4064 (Double Disk kit (sold separately) will effectively double the charges able to be thrown. Will work with all types of smokeless powder.
Notes: The Lee Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure will work with turret presses when setup properly although it was not designed for this application.

Hurry! only 4 items left in stock.

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